Veteran - United States Navy


Honorably discharged veteran of United States Navy. Served on the U.S.S. Wichita AOR-1, "B" Division-1977-1983.



Served with Howell City Fire Department.

Antiquities Collector


Student of ancient European, Egyptian and Chinese antiquities. Pictured is a 1st century limestone ossuary from Eastern Mediterranean.  

Owner-Random Access Music Studios


Random Access Music studios has been producing music since 1988.


Mr. Taylor was fortunate to have studied at the University of Michigan under the tutelage of Dr. Mas

Mr. Taylor was fortunate to have studied at the University of Michigan under the tutelage of Dr. Mason. This included a performance at Hill Auditorium.

On a Personal Note


Mr. Taylor is a cross-country runner. Appreciation of antique aircraft and flying single engine aircraft. Passionate about researching material for publication.



Additional performances on the Fisk organ at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


“Taylor succeeds in furnishing insights into the remarkable mind of this young, 16th-century Protestant noblewoman” & “serious students of English history will relish the new material offered here.” Publishers Weekly, Jan 2005. The Documents of Lady Jane Grey, Nine Days Queen of England, 1553.

“Mr. Taylor is an independent scholar who has not compromised traditional research values to provide his readers with thorough factual historical accounts instead of embellishing a few well-known facts as some modern authors do”. Detroit Free Press. 2008.

“James is a truly talented and gifted musician, author and poet. He is a respected independent scholar and his literary works have been openly accepted in academia and classrooms. It is refreshing to find an author who maintains traditional research values in this era of ‘armchair researchers.” Dr. Charlene Berry. Madonna University Library. 

"James  Taylor is a Renaissance man, delving into music, history, and writing  in his decades long career. As a military veteran, composer, amateur  astronomer, and historian, he brings a depth and breadth to his work  that is priceless. His penchant for finding a good story in history and  talent in finding true sources combine to create intelligent, engaging  biographies that reveal his favorite aphorism: truth really is stranger  than fiction." The Letterworks: Author Spotlight-2018

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James D. Taylor Jr.